Interview quotation of Uniqlo

I had interview about Uniqlo’s successful stories with a journalist at an Ukrainian magazine Novoye vremya ( on January 31, 2019, pp.38-41. For the access to the whole story, please purchase the article here

For example…


По мнению Чжу И, доцента бизнес-антропологии в Универ- ситете Цукубы в Токио, успеху компании Янай способствуют не- сколько конкурентных преиму- ществ. В их числе умелое управ- ление качеством продукции, хо- роший сервис, инновационность, крупные инвестиции в марке- тинг, а также применение и со- вершенствование бизнес-модели SPA, согласно которой ретейлер реализует весь цикл — от дизай- на и производства одежды до ее продажи конечному потребителю.


According to Zhu Yi, an Assistant* Professor of business anthropology at the University of Tsukuba in Tokyo, several competitive advantages contribute to the success of Yanai. These include skillful product quality management, good service, innovativeness, large investments in marketing, as well as the application and improvement of the SPA business model, according to which the retailer implements the entire cycle – from design and clothing before its sale to the final consumer.

* Original copy says Associate, but it is Assistant.



Panel: Ethnography and its Implication to Business

Tuskuba International Management Conference 2019

Feb 8  @ University of Tsukuba (Tokyo campus)

Panel: “Ethnography and its Implication to Business”

How does ethnography of/in business negotiate meaning of ethnography and what are the challenges? I am going to talk about the current situation of ethnography of/in business in Japan, and make suggestions for improvement.

Presentation list:

  • Anthropological research about cross-cultural friction between Ghana and Japanese firms Sachiyo Nakamura (University of Tsukuba)
  • Anthropological Approach to Localization of Workers : Case Study of a Japanese Consulting Company in Myanmar. Ayana Hayashida (University of Tsukuba)
  • Ethnography of a Japanese Electronic Company in the Early 1990s. Satoshi Ota (Tama University)
  • Contact zone of ethnography of/in business Yi Zhu (University of Tsukuba)

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Conference website is here.