About 紹介

Yi Zhu (Zoe) 朱 藝

 Ph.D., Business ethnographer

 Lecturer, Lancaster University (UK)


I am a business ethnographer interested in the institutionalization and internalization of culture in the organization, particularly how employees interpret organizational culture and related interactions between management and employees (sensegiving/sensemaking). I teach management related modules at Lancaster University, and have taught classes on management and culture, organizational culture, human resource management, and business anthropology in various Japanese universities including an MBA program.

I lived and received education in Mainland China, Japan, and Hong Kong, and these multicultural experiences made me curious about how people behave differently in various cultural backgrounds. This prompted me to pursue doctoral research on the organizational culture of multinational Japanese companies, and in particular the effects of cultural differences on company policies, human behavior, and human relationships. I have published on the implementation of management philosophy, corporate ideology and its practice, Japanese management, and the challenges of “omotenashi” culture overseas.