Academic book & book chapters
  • 2013. Zhongguo de jingying fengtu yu jialefu de zhongguo bentuhua (中国的经营风土与家乐福的中国本土化 ) [China’s Management Climate and Carrefour’s Localization in China] Beijing: Thread-Binding Books Publishing House.
  • [with L.F. Chau, W. Wei and M. Zhang] 2012. Shui shi AV nvyou: zidu shangpin yuancailiao de shengcheng (誰是AV女優:自瀆商品原材料的生成) [Who are the Adult Video Actresses: The Creation of Raw Material for Masturbation Products]. In. H. W. Wong and H. Y. Yau [eds], Riben AV nvyou: nvxingde wuhua yu mohua (日本AV女優:女性的物化與默化) [The Japanese Adult Video Actress: the objectification and silence of women], Hong Kong: Up Publications.
  • 2011. Chūgoku ni okeru gaishikei kourikigyō no keieisenryaku –karuhūru to itōyōkadō no hikaku wo chūshin ni (中国における外資系小売企業の経営戦略 ―カルフールとイトーヨーカ堂の比較を中心に)[Management strategies by a foreign retailer in China –Focusing on the comparison of Carrefour and Ito-Yokado]. In X.Y. Song and L.C. Lin [eds], Nihon gengo bunka kenkyū, Shirīzu 4 (日本言語文化研究 シリーズ4) [Japanese languages and cultures, series 4], 4: 515-524, Dalian: Dalian University of technology press.
Journal articles
  • 2020. Doing Ethnography in Business: Identity Manipulation and its Implications. International Journal of Business Anthropology, 10 (1), 1-10.
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  • 2014. Zaigang riben qiye de wenhua yizhi: jiyu bendi qianxian yuangong de shidian (在港日本企业的文化移植: 基于本地前线员工的视点) [Cultural implementation process of a Japanese company in Hong Kong: from perspectives of local front line workers]. Anthropological Research (人类学研究). 6: 101-144.
  • 2013. Zhidu guanli de juxianxing: yi qiye peixun zhidu wei li (制度管理的局限性:以企业培训制度为例) [Limitations of the Institutional Control: Case Study of a Company Training Program]. Chinese Journal of Applied Anthropology. 2(2): 97-123.
  • 2013. [with W.Y. Wang] Chūgoku ni okeru Karuhūru no jinteki shigenkanri no genchika ni tsuite –kankeisha heno intabyū wo tūjite (中国におけるカルフールの人的資源管理の現地化について ―関係者へのインタビューを通じて) [Carrefour’s Localization of Human Resource Management in China -Through interviews of employees]. Kinjo Gakuin Ronshu (Social Science), 9(2):79-93.
  • 2013. [with W.Y. Wang] “The New Rich in the Party-State China ―A case study on their consumption patterns Gifu City Women’s College Kiyō, 62:39-53.
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  • 2012. Management Strategies of Carrefour and Ito-Yokado in China: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Business Anthropology, 3(1):134-157.
Text books
  • 2016. Country Report: China in International Comparative Survey on Global Mindset, Competencies and PPDAC for High School Students among 10 CountriesEducation Bureau of the Laboratory Schools, University of Tsukuba.
  • 2013. Review of Globalisation and Japanese Organisational Culture: An ethnography of a Japanese corporation in France. Chinese Journal of Applied Anthropology, 1(2):155-158.
  • 2013. AV辭典:窺探日本AV文化 (AV dictionary: Introduction to Japanese AV culture), Hong Kong: Up Publications.