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Is ethnography a tool or a product? This page introduces platforms and resources for ethnographers to meet and exchange ideas.

[Business Ethnography Lab (BEL)]

BEL is a platform based in Tokyo for ethnographers in academia as well as in business in Japan to communicate and exchange ideas. BEL organizes educational workshop to promote the idea of ethnography in business scenes, and do consultation on ethnography design upon request.

Follow BEL at Twitter (@LabEthnography) and Facebook (Business Ethnography Lab).

You can also watch Ted×Otemachi LIVE talk by one of the lab founders, Dr. Yi Zhu here

[EPIC (Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Community)]

EPIC is a platform based in the U.S. for ethnographers for pursuing better business opportunities. According to EPIC website,

“EPIC promotes the use of ethnographic principles to create business value.”


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