Digital Humanities

2016年 筑波大学人文社会系 研究発信月間プログラム

デジタル・ヒューマニティーズ 講演会&ワークショップ

Digital Humanities Lecture & Workshop


Classical Chinese Literature in a Digital Age

December 15, 2017   13:00-14:30 @3B312

Dr. Donald Sturgeon (Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University)

Donald Sturgeon is Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Digital Humanities and Ssturgeon-2016aocial Sciences at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University. His research interests include issues of language, mind and knowledge in classical Chinese thought, and the application of digital methods to the study of pre-modern Chinese language and literature. He is the founder and the owner of the Chinese Text Project (, an online digital library of pre-modern Chinese which is now the largest such library in the world and attracts tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of crowd-sourced contributions every day.


2016年12月16日(金)13:00-16:30 (3B312 プレゼンテーションルーム)

宇陀則彦 「図書館情報学アーカイブズの概要」

和氣愛仁 アノテーション付与型画像データベースプラットフォームWDBの紹介

高橋洋成 楔形文字粘土板における「空白」のマークアップ

永崎研宣 An Ecosystem for Digital Buddhist Studies

Donald Sturgeon  Optical Character Recognition for pre-Modern Chinese Texts

Download poster here.


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